Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fluff-Ball of Fluff

Look into it.
It's adorable, innocent exterior is quite decieving.
Do not trust this fluff-ball of fluff or any other for that matter.
They are egotistical creatures.
They are not like dogs.
They do as they please and have little care for your feelings.
If you ask them to come to you, to sit, or play dead, they will give you the look that says 'up yours, no way in hell am I doing that' and walk way, with that sly fluff walk.
At first you will be hurt.
But you will become strong.

 For you will find the Fluff-ball's weakness,
And use it to your advantage.
Stuffed plush duck.
And Whiska's Temptations fluff-ball treats.

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